The Island of Misfit Fanfic

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This is a community for writers and readers of obscure fanfic -- fandoms, pairings, and concepts that aren't terribly popular -- to get in touch with each other. Doesn't anyone write 8-bit Final Fantasy stories? Why don't more people like McGonagall/Tonks as much as you do? Shine your own personal Bat Signal into the sky!

This is not a community for telling other people to stop writing stuff you don't like. Everyone has their favourites in their fandom, and bullying isn't going to change their minds and make them write what you want. Talk about what you like, not what you hate, and we can all get along.

But if you're constantly wondering why the only fanfic featuring your favourite pairing or set in your favourite 'verse was written by you, you've come to the right place.

What you can do here:
  • Muse on the nature of your obscure favourites
  • Recommend stories, communities, archives, newsgroups, Yahoo groups, etc.
  • Pimp out your own stories and art (but not too often)
  • Wish out loud that there might be someone else who shares your interest
  • Inspire other people to think about concepts they might not have considered
  • Be mature and rational in your interactions

What you can't do here:
  • Tell other people to stop writing something, even if it's very common
  • Bash characters, fandoms, pairings, genres, etc.
  • Post stories and art directly to the comm
  • Be oversensitive and paranoid, or deliberately go hunting for something to be offended about
  • Rat out people who have been harassing you about your interests
  • Hook up with kiddie porn fans (what constitutes kiddie porn is at the moderator's discretion)

One more important note - when you're talking about your interest, at least the first time in a thread, be clear about it. Use words instead of codes and abbreviations, and you might even find people who didn't know the concept existed.